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Terms & Conditions

Website: Divo serves as an e-shop for customers who access the Internet to buy goods (on

The provisions of these Terms apply to any use and purchase made by the client / buyer on the Site and are the legal basis for any discussions between the Client and the Site. The following terms and conditions set forth in the Terms define your rights and obligations when purchasing on the Divo website.

What is the pricing policy used on the Divo website, how will you receive your order, under what conditions can you cancel transactions on your website, and other important details.

Please read these Terms and Conditions in full and in writing.

It is emphasized that viewing the site and / or buying a product on the site means that the client agrees to accept and act in accordance with the rules. Therefore, if you do not agree with any of its conditions, please do not use the site.


The Divo website allows you to purchase various products in a convenient, fast, simple way and at attractive prices, which are usually lower than their prices on the market. It is recommended to compare prices before making a purchase on the store's website.

All prices listed on the sales page include VAT, if VAT is paid for a transaction in accordance with any law, unless expressly stated otherwise.

To avoid mistakes when purchasing, you should check and confirm the information about the product you are requesting at the time of purchase, and also require that you provide accurate and complete information about the requested product.

For your convenience, the goods are accompanied by the image of the goods. The image is illustrative and will guide you through the purchase process. Please note that there may be differences between the image and the product itself, which is sold on the site and purchased by you.

Please note that there may be differences between the image of your car or the image of the part and the part you purchased.

      Conditions required for the Customer to purchase on the Divo website:

Properly has a valid credit card, which is respected in Israel.

Payment will be made using the PAY PAL service.

18 years or older.

It has a mailbox on the Internet.

Anyone who fulfills the three conditions in aggregate can purchase products offered for sale on the site, provided that he has completed the purchase process on the site and provided all the details requested during the course, including the ID number, credit card details or any other necessary details.

The Divo website, including its owner, reserves the exclusive right, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, not to allow a specific user / client to purchase products on the Divo website for any reason and for any period of time, even if the user / Site .

Without departing from the foregoing, Divo may revoke your right to make transactions on the Site in any of the following cases:

If you have deliberately provided incorrect and / or inaccurate and / or incorrect information in any way when registering on the Internet.

If you have used the services of the Divo website to commit an illegal act in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel or to provide, facilitate, facilitate or encourage the execution of such an act.

If you have violated the terms of these Terms of Use or any other online service offered by Divo.

If you have not fulfilled your obligation to pay for the purchase.

If your credit card has been blocked or otherwise restricted for use in any way.

How to buy:

During the purchase of the site you will need to fill out and write down the necessary data in accordance with the fields, including data on the method of payment.

After the transaction has been completed and approved by the credit card company, you will be notified of the transaction along with the subsequent transaction number, which will be sent to the email address you provided during the booking process.

The transaction in the missing document requires that all data that the customer provides at the time of purchase be identical to the details required depending on the type of sale, plus the cardholder's identification number specified at the time of the order.

It is strictly forbidden to provide false or incorrect personal information in any form for the purpose of buying the site. Such an act is a criminal offense and a duty of the customer.

Payment and delivery of products:

It should be emphasized that:

Transaction completion on the Divo website is possible only after obtaining permission from the company issuing the credit card to conduct the transaction.

If approval for the requested transaction is not received, and no notification is received regarding the transaction approval procedure, the Divo site may unilaterally cancel the order.