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Artificial Chrysanthemums

27355448,Artificial Chrysanthemums
27355448,Artificial Chrysanthemums
27355448,Artificial Chrysanthemums
27355448,Artificial Chrysanthemums
Artificial Chrysanthemums

Artificial Flowers Bouquet Of Lush Nine Chrysanthemum Flowers is suitable for decorating office interiors, apartments, and landscaping. Flowers have a special property to fill the interior with warmth and comfort, and this is what allows you to feel as comfortable as possible in your home. And you must admit that their magical beauty can transform any space.
The collection of flowers is the refinement of roses, tenderness, the charm of wildflowers, solemn compositions. They will harmoniously fit into any interior and will add freshness and comfort to the room. exquisite color, which will give it a special appeal and uniqueness. It will be a stylish detail in your home interior.

Are common
Producing countryChina
Material-Metal samplePlastic

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