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Stylish magnet in English souvenir from the Holy Land

Stylish magnet in English souvenir from the Holy Land
Stylish magnet in English souvenir from the Holy Land

 Magnet in the form of hamsa with Jerusalem and the Blessing of the House-a souvenir in the full sense of the word - exactly what will paint the gray everyday life with bright colors. Create a holiday atmosphere for yourself and your family. This product meets the quality standards, you do not have to blush for such a gift. Here, the Wailing Wall, the surviving part of the ancient Jerusalem temple, adjoins the Al-Aqsa Mosque. And coming out on Via Dolorosa you can find a strange procession. It's a unique product at a bargain price, which you can buy from us today. Souvenir magnets hamsa can be given to friends, and you can collect a collection of souvenir magnets from Israel's sights and unique Jewish color, so that every magnet reminded of the beautiful days spent in Israel. Picking a gift is not an easy task for many. Magnet "hamsa" - a souvenir in the full sense of the word, is not just a gift, but also a guarantee of a good mood, because it's a beautiful thing from quality, safe material for health. This product can replenish the collection of already existing souvenirs or become the beginning of a new collection. For a long time will preserve the memory of a wonderful day and who handed the gift. Already today you can buy in bulk this souvenir in our online store.


Material-Metal samplePvc Paper. Iron. Magnet

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