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Fancy keychain with Hamsa charm

Fancy keychain with Hamsa charm
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Fancy keychain with Hamsa charm

An elegant hamsa keychain. Translated from French, souvenir means "remembrance." And the main task of a good souvenir is to keep the memory of the place where you visited, or the person who gave this item. You can buy this and many other souvenirs in a wholesale and retail online store with a few clicks of the mouse. This palm-shaped protective amulet, known since ancient times, will bring happiness to its owner. Protects its owner from the evil eye and evil people. Evil eye - it is a very powerful evil force, the ability to use the gaze to do fatal harm, preventing us from realizing our potential in all areas of life. Wearing a keychain serves as a symbolic request for spiritual and physical protection and blessing. loves, happiness, health and joy in his life. Establishes relationships in the family and promotes in a career. Excellent gift

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Material-Metal sampleleatherette

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