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Tiger - Symbol of the new year 2022

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2022 the Year of the Tiger
It's getting closer and closer every month. The time of the Metal Bull is leaving and the time of the Black Water Tiger is coming. You need to prepare for his arrival in advance, and not postpone the matter for a long time. Think for yourself: why make a fuss on the very last day, when you can buy toys in advance and spend less money? On New Year's Eve, prices for festive products will rise sharply, and Tiger figures are no exception. Have time to order a Black Water Tiger 2022 in Israel on favorable terms!

It should also be noted that the tiger brings happiness and good luck to the house. The best way to attract success in 2022 is to buy a tiger cub mascot, which will help you out more than once in a difficult situation. It is advisable to take exactly such a figure, which is made of metal, for example, silver, gold, or bronze. But glass and crystal will also work well because they resemble water in appearance, this should also be taken into account.

The Black Water Tiger belongs to the water element. Therefore, he is a domineering, calm, self-sufficient beast. This beast does not like haste, so you should not make too much fuss in 2022. Rats and Bulls may have a hard time next year because they are the enemies of the Black Water-Tiger. But do not despair, you will be able to overcome the challenges if you buy an amulet or a souvenir in the form of a tiger cub.

I would also like to note that the striped predator loves creative people, and in general, the water element promotes self-expression. Therefore, 2022 is a great time for various creative activities. If you wanted to enroll in a fine art circle, for example, then in a few months there will come a favorable moment for great artistic achievements.

Why the best solution is to order a Black Water Tiger in Israel
We would like to analyze all the benefits that the Black Tiger brings to its owners. So, let's look at each item:

figures of tiger cubs bring wealth to the house, so we recommend buying tiger piggy banks;
happiness and good luck from new achievements and bold, decisive actions;
a cheerful festive atmosphere, coupled with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden;
a luxurious New Year's meal: remember, the tiger loves meat dishes, so they should prevail on the table;
the possibility of self-expression and obtaining positive energy through creativity.
We have identified as many as 5 positive features that are waiting for you in 2022. The list goes on, but we don't want to waste your time, so we have highlighted the most important information. Next, we plan to tell you why it is better to buy a Black Water Tiger from us.

Why you should buy a Black Water Tiger 2022 in the online store "Christmas Trees-Sticks"
We have been professionally selling Christmas products for about 7 years. Hundreds of customers thank us for our help in preparing for the New Year. And we also believe that it is better not to waste time and stock up on toys in advance, so as not to waste nerves and a lot of money later. We will give strong arguments why it is more profitable for you to order a Black Water Tiger 2022 in Israel in our online store:

more than 40 themed products suitable for 2022;
a variety of products: we sell both ordinary figures, and piggy banks, Faberge and so on;
we have not only tiger toys, we advise you to pay attention to carnival costumes or Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden;
1900+ products are available at the moment;
high reputation, confirmed by years of hard work and satisfied customers;
prompt delivery by airmail, the maximum period is 5 days (depends on your geolocation);
a convenient catalog with filters, you can choose a subcategory, packaging, color, material, and country of origin;
the highest quality of products is a priority;
there are no defects and factory defects, we personally check the goods for their presence.
Convenient, isn't it? Having decided to order a Black Water Tiger 2022 in Israel, you get a whole bunch of advantages if you contact the "Christmas Tree-Sticks". We will be glad to see you in the list of clients!

Buy a Black Water Tiger in Israel right now
You probably still have a question about the cost of products. We are in a hurry to answer: we offer products for every taste and budget, you can order for 10 shekels, 150, 200, there is no difference. There is an offer for each wallet at the best price. Hurry up to order a Black Water Tiger 2022 in Israel in "Christmas Trees-Sticks", you will definitely not lose by contacting us! If you have any questions about the purchase, please contact the consultant, you can contact him by phone number, which you will find in the header of the site.

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