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Artificial Christmas Trees in Israel Inexpensive With Shipping

Buy artificial Christmas trees in Israel We are glad to welcome you to the website of our company 

We have been selling holiday and souvenir products since 2014. During this time, we have gained tremendous experience, satisfied the needs of hundreds of customers.

We are pleased to inform you: you can order artificial Christmas trees in Israel from us! Hurry up to buy a fabulous gift for family and friends! We have already managed to prepare for 2022 — the year of the Black Water-Tiger. We advise you not to postpone the matter for a long time because next January will come very soon. You won't even have time to look back!

Of course, everyone wants to see a real spruce tree in the house. But think about it: an ornamental tree is much easier to find, and it will not hit your wallet much! You will not have to waste time searching because the catalog of our online store contains more than 70 products for every taste and budget! We will tell you more about the advantages of our online store below.

Why the best solution is to order an artificial Christmas tree in Israel, the arguments of "Christmas trees-Sticks" will definitely convince you! Here are some arguments in favor of our judgment:

1. Unnatural spruce can be used for years, it does not deteriorate with minimal care. Accordingly, your costs for the purchase of Christmas products are reduced! 2. It is difficult to find real, live spruce in Israel. Therefore, it is better to give preference to decorative decoration than to waste time on futile searches, and eventually be left without the most important symbol of the New Year! 3. The decorative product does not need to be thrown away. As we have already noted, these are reusable products. You can hide it in a secluded place and get it when the holiday comes again. 4. We must not forget about the ecological situation on our planet. Trees have a hard time, they are massively cut down by woodcutters. Forest resources do not have time to recover and run out. There are various ways to fix this problem. The optimal and affordable solution is to buy an artificial Christmas tree in Israel! 5. Christmas crafts do not pollute the living room. The fact is that the needles of real fir trees fall off. They also serve as a convenient shelter for insects that leave larvae under the bark and branches.

These are the main advantages of unnatural Christmas trees. You can continue the list yourself if you know other advantages. We will proceed to the enumeration of the advantages of the company "Christmas Trees-Sticks".

Why it is worth ordering an artificial Christmas tree in Israel from the "Christmas Tree-Stick" Contact us if you do not want to miss out on a great offer! Advantages of our company:

• high reputation: we have been acting on the market of festive, souvenir products for 7 years; • we are one of the largest suppliers of goods for the New Year; • our artificial trees are completely safe for health, they are made of eco-friendly materials; • a wide range: more than 70 models are available in the catalog, the total number of products exceeds 1900 pcs. • * strong metal stands; * convenient filter: adjust the price and other parameters as you like; • the first store was opened in 2003, so the real experience is even greater; • only high-quality copies without defects; * affordable prices-from 10 shekels per piece • * prompt delivery up to 5 working days.

We are waiting for you on the list of clients!


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Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489399
Artificial Snow-covered Christmas tree 120 cm, d of the lower tier 70 cm, 356 branches, metal stand..
₪360.00 ₪450.00
Ex Tax:₪307.69
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489392
Artificial Snow-Covered Spruce 120 Cm, d Lower Tier 80 Cm, d Needles 8 Cm, 409 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪208.00 ₪260.00
Ex Tax:₪177.78
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489400
Artificial Snow-Covered Christmas Tree 150 Cm, d Of The Lower Tier 110 Cm, 536 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪520.00 ₪650.00
Ex Tax:₪444.44
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489393
Artificial Snow-Covered Spruce 150 Cm, d Lower Tier 110 Cm, d Needles 8 Cm, 707 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪320.00 ₪400.00
Ex Tax:₪273.50
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489372
Artificial Christmas Tree In Snow and Mountain Ash 270 cm, d Lower Tier 210 cm, d Needles 10 Cm, 2801 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪1,440.00 ₪1,800.00
Ex Tax:₪1,230.77
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489401
Artificial Snow-covered Christmas tree 180 cm, d of the lower tier 140 cm, 948 branches, metal stand..
₪880.00 ₪1,100.00
Ex Tax:₪752.14
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489395
Artificial Snow-Covered Spruce 180 Cm, d Lower Tier 140 Cm, d Needles 8 Cm, 1264 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪520.00 ₪650.00
Ex Tax:₪444.44
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489402
Artificial Snow-covered Christmas tree 210 cm, d of the lower tier 160 cm, 1312 branches, metal stand..
₪1,200.00 ₪1,500.00
Ex Tax:₪1,025.64
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489396
Artificial Snow-Covered Spruce 210 Cm, d Lower Tier 160 Cm, d Needles 8 Cm, 1990 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪792.00 ₪990.00
Ex Tax:₪676.92
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489403
Artificial Snow-covered Christmas tree 240 cm, d of the lower tier 180 cm, 1616 branches, metal stand..
₪1,520.00 ₪1,900.00
Ex Tax:₪1,299.14
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489397
Artificial Snow-Covered Christmas Tree 240 Cm, d Lower Tier 180 Cm, d Needles 8 Cm, 2992 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪1,200.00 ₪1,500.00
Ex Tax:₪1,025.64
Brand: Divo-Gift Model: 29489398
Artificial Snow-Covered Christmas Tree 270 Cm, d Lower Tier 210 Cm, d Needles 8 Cm, 4040 Branches, Metal Stand..
₪1,592.00 ₪1,990.00
Ex Tax:₪1,360.68
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