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Magnet Holy Family - Blessing to Health

Magnet Holy Family - Blessing to Health
Magnet Holy Family - Blessing to Health

Magnet Holy Family - A blessing on health is a unique souvenir with a bright design. This task of a good souvenir is to keep the memory of the place you visited, or the person who gave this item, which can be presented as a gift to a collector collecting original items. Such a souvenir can replenish an existing one or become the beginning of a new collection of magnets with views of cities. Such a magnet should be in every collection, souvenir magnets are a chic decoration of the home interior. You can buy this and many other souvenirs in the wholesale and retail online store with a few clicks of the mouse.

Material-Metal sampleWood, Magnet

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  • Stock: 369
  • Model: 25088366
  • Weight: 40.00g
  • Dimensions: 9.00cm x 1.00cm x 5.00cm