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07 Jul Buy artificial Christmas trees in Israel
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Buy artificial Christmas trees in Israel We are glad to welcome you on the website of our company - "Divo"!We have been selling holiday and souvenir products since 2014. During this time, we have gained tremendous experience, satisfied the needs of hundreds of customers.We are pleased to inform you: you can order artificial Christmas trees in I..
30 Jun Exclusive souvenirs made of natural materials
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Exclusive souvenirs made of natural materialsExclusive souvenirs are not just a gift, but a real work of art. Such a gift will appeal to gourmets who like to collect valuables from all over the world. We sell high-quality products at an affordable price in the online store. The assortment includes classic products, as well as unusual souvenirs for ..
30 Jun Church goods with home delivery!
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Church goods with home delivery!Church goods play an important role in the life of Orthodox citizens. They are represented by ordinary products, as well as gold products and other utensils. A wide range of products of various types is available in our online store. All products are made of natural and high-quality materials, which is a guarantee of..
30 Jun Figurines and figurines from Israel with delivery around the world!
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Figurines and figurines from Israel with delivery around the world!Figurines and figurines are a decoration for the house, a pleasant addition to the interior, and a non-standard gift. Beautiful and sophisticated decorated elements will perfectly fit into any room. Decorating a house with original attributes is a very interesting activity. And how ..
30 Jun Hamsa with a blessing from Israel
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Hamsa with a blessing from IsraelHamsa with a blessing is an excellent defender of the house from negativity, bad energy, and unforeseen situations. The Hebrew words located on the amulet contain sacred phrases. They are the ones who protect housing from negative energy, and also attract love, luck, and success to the house. People with bad intenti..
30 Jun Year of the Tiger 2022-gifts and accessories with delivery
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The Year of the Tiger 2022 is a bright period filled with incredible events. At this time, it is important to be on the "same wave" with changes, not to be afraid of them, and boldly cope with all problems. But, in order for the year to really bring positive emotions and events, it must be properly met.The online store "Divo" has everything for the..
28 Jan Why is the Hamsa amulet so popular all over the world? What is its power?
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Why Hamsa amulet is well-known all around the world? What's its power? If you don't know what gift to choose but you want it to be both beautiful and useful, this article is for you. After reading it until the end you will learn a lot of new information and find an answer to your question.Hamsa is one of the most well-known souvenirs, an im..
19 Oct The Descent of the Holy Fire
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 The Descent of the Holy FireThe ceremony of the Holy Fire can be witnessed in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It occurs every year during the celebration of Orthodox Easter, the big holiday for believers. Orthodox citizens of Jerusalem and all Christians all over the world wait for this miracle to happen. That's why pilgrims are coming on this i..
19 Oct Traveling in Israel, red string and the Tomb of Rachel
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Traveling in Israel: red string and the Tomb of RachelIsrael is one of the most popular countries for tourists. A great number of antiquities, historical and Biblical events connected with them, climate, and service attract visitors from all over the world. Thousands of people are coming here every year to witness wonderful historical heritage with..
19 Oct What to see and where to walk in Israel
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                      What to see and where to walk in IsraelThe State of Israel was founded only in the 20th century, as a small and independent country. It's considered to be the Holy Land among believers. But the county is interesting for adventurous people and travelers as well. There are lots of unique and attractive places. People appreciatin..
19 Oct What is a New Year? Top-3 Questions about the main holiday
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What is a New Year? Top-3 Questions about the main holiday.New Year is the most magical holiday. Both children and adults are waiting for a miracle these days. In this article, we will tell you the interesting facts about the New Year and help to choose the proper presents for the upcoming holidays. Question 1. The history of New Year. ..
19 Oct Hamsa Amulets Amulets
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                                                                                                                                                        Hamsa Amulets AmuletsGuests of Israel coming to our country, either for tourism or business purposes, or visiting relatives are visiting the Old City of Jerusalem to witness the ancient historical m..
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