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About Us


We are glad to welcome you to our online store, created especially for our customers and partners. We want to tell you about ourselves, our products and the uniqueness of our products.

We opened our first store almost at the beginning of the XXI century. In 2003, we opened our doors to the residents and visitors of the blessed land of Israel.

Everyone who entered our store could not only plunge into the world of souvenirs, charms, and other pleasant goods but also feel our love for our business and for our customers, each of whom is a special guest of honor for us.

We do not stand still and develop together with the surrounding reality, and for 11 years now, an online store has been working for you, where you can choose and order your favorite product at any time from all corners of the world where there is an Internet.

What are our main advantages?

Today, our product range includes more than 1,900 products. Among them: jewelry, exclusive souvenirs, church goods, figurines, figurines. A large selection of Christmas symbols.

All our models are exclusive. We work directly with manufacturers and control all stages of product development and manufacturing, carefully check the product for defects.

We have been developing and producing our own models for many years. Our blessings and charms for home and business are powerful not only because they were created in the holy land, but also because each item keeps the love and warmth of the hands of the masters who create them especially for you.

We can say without too much modesty that today we are one of the major suppliers of Christmas products, Christmas trees, garlands, as well as unique products with the symbols of the coming year, which can always be viewed here.

With great love, we are ready to fulfill your order. The thing created by the hands of our masters will be unique and unrepeatable.

If you didn't find what you were looking for, you can always contact our specialists via the feedback form.

And for those who are in Israel and want to see the products with their own eyes, you are always loved and waited for by the employees of our stores, which are located at the addresses: Ashkelon. Lev Ashkelon Shopping Center. 40 Isdatrut Street. 26 Avoda Street Cleopatra.

We are always open to cooperation and invite wholesale buyers and dealers to work with us. To do this, you need to fill out a special form in the "Registration" section.

We work to ensure that the purchase made in our store will bring you joy and give you a small piece of happiness.